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Joann Cisneros Perez: Waller County Jane Doe

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1 Joann Cisneros Perez: Waller County Jane Doe on Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:48 am


impqueen wrote it up, and Unamused Cat made the identification. What remains to be seen is if her killer will ever be brought to justice.

It has been verified, Joann Cisneros Perez IS the Waller County Jane Doe. Unamused Cat has spoken with Teresa Becker, a research specialist at TXDPS, who confirmed the information.

Waller County, TX – On March 18, 2007, the nude and mutilated body of a woman was discovered dumped near US Highway 290 in Prairie View, Waller County, Texas.

She’d only been dead for about two hours. The young woman appeared to be white or Hispanic, and looked to be approximately thirty years old. She stood 5′4″, and weighed about 150 pounds. For over a year, she’s been known as the Waller County Jane Doe, her body unclaimed. Now, with the help of our member Unamused Cat, Jane Doe is undergoing DNA testing to determine whether she is actually missing person Joann Cisneros Perez.

There is a postmortem headshot of Jane Doe after the jump. Skip it if you’re easily squicked.

Joann Cisneros Perez, missing since October 2007

When Jane Doe was found last year, the hair on her head and pubic area had been shaved off, and her hands had been removed to deter identification. Plastic bags had been placed over the woman’s head and arm stumps, and secured with duct tape. An autopsy revealed cause of death to be strangulation – the victim’s hyoid bone was broken, a sure sign of compression to the neck which would result in death.

Investigators believe that Jane Doe was killed elsewhere, partially dismembered, and dumped within two hours of her discovery. She was meant to be found – but not meant to be easily identified. No physical evidence produced CODIS hits, and without fingerprints or a local missing persons report, there wasn’t much to go on.

The FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, called ViCAP, released this bulletin to law enforcement in an attempt to identify Waller County’s Jane Doe.

They retouched her postmortem identification picture and placed the retouched photo, with opened eyes and added hair, next to the shorn head of Jane Doe, taken shortly after she was discovered:

Jane Doe remained unindentified, her body lay unclaimed in the Harris County Morgue for well over a year. On July 7, 2008, she was buried in a privately owned cemetery, just off of Mathis Road, a rural area surrounded by horse ranches and cow pastures.

On October 19, 2008, Dreamin’ Demon contributor Unamused Cat began a computer search to find the identity of Jane Doe. On Oct 19th, she logged her search here, in our forums. Working from the morgue photo and seaching through missing women in Texas, she started at The Charley Project website and looked at nearly 500 photos before a probable match was found.

When she got to photo #488, Unamused Cat knew right away that she had her Jane Doe. The eyebrows, the mole above the right upper lip, the age, everything was a match except body weight. Joann Cisneros Perez, 31, had been reported missing from Nixon, Texas on October 30, 2007, but might actually have been gone for much longer. Few details were available, but investigators believed Joann had been taken against her will. At the time she went missing, Joann weighed about 200 pounds. By the time Jane Doe was murdered she weighed 151 pounds – which made sense, if Joann was indeed missing for so long before being reported.

Unamused Cat immediately contacted authorities at several agencies, along with a side by side photo comparison of Jane Doe and Joann Cisneros Perez, like this one:

Sgt. Brian Taylor of the Texas Department of Public Safety responded to UCat’s query on Wednesday, October 22nd. At that time, he agreed that the photos were “real close”. All the features appear to be a perfect match, as do the victim’s age and height. That day, Sgt. Taylor told UCat that a Texas Ranger was en route to Waller County.

Unamused Cat waited. And waited. And waited some more. But just yesterday, after nearly two weeks, Sgt. Taylor notified UCat that DNA is currently being processed to verify that Joann Cisneros Perez is indeed the Waller County Jane Doe.

Is Joann Cisneros Perez Jane Doe? Looks like a match to me. But whether she is or she isn’t, we’re proud of our UCat. She took her own time to help an unidentified murder victim get her name back. If Jane Doe is Joann Cisneros Perez, Unamused Cat will have been instrumental in helping to find her and get her some much-needed justice. Once Jane Doe has a name, the search for her killer can begin.

UCat also visited Joann's grave and posted photos, but I can't access them.


Pretty Much Settled in
Pretty Much Settled in
I remember when Ucat was working on this.
I hope Ms Cisneros-Perez's family is as proud of UCat as we are. (Even though we all know she didn't do it for the kudos)


Getting the Hang of This Place for Sure
Getting the Hang of This Place for Sure
I am so glad to see that a regular person took time out to help a victim. It's not every day that you see someone willing to go the extra step. Even though you didn't do it for kudos, you deserve some for being such a caring compassionate individual Ucat.


Getting the Hang of This Place for Sure
Getting the Hang of This Place for Sure
u cat rocks

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