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The Sookie Stackhouse novels versus the True Blood television series.

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My mother borrowed these books from a colleague at work and forced me to read them to 'screen' whether or not they were good. I read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series and came away feeling unsatisfied. It truly was absolute fodder. I did, however, become enamored with one character. Vampire Bill made those books, and once his character became less present the books suffered. Now I am embarking on a journey through the television series for comparison's sake.

I'll be sure to keep you all updated. So far, I am not impressed. The horrible accents and casting ruined things so far, but I am hoping once I get into about the fourth or fifth episode they can start to flourish with a somewhat decent concept.


Pretty Much Settled in
Pretty Much Settled in
I saw 5 minutes of one episode and said,"People enjoy this show that much?"

Horrible acting, stupid cops, and an even stupider lead character. In my opinion, it was not worth watching the full hour. Or maybe I grew out of my vampire love. I fell in love with them when I read some Anne Rice novels and most of these new one's are, as you stated, fodder compared to what she's written.


Getting the Hang of This Place for Sure
Getting the Hang of This Place for Sure
Yes, it was fodder (the book series). Def. agree it doesn't compare to any of Anne Rice's stuff. But I enjoyed it; thought it was entertaining. I like Trueblood too. Frankly not crazy about the actors playing Sookie or Vampire Bill but Eyecandy Eric makes up for that. It's fluff; I'm not addicted to it like I am to "24".
I wasn't crazy about Stepanie Meyers books either (but I read 'em). I wish I could link the article where Stephen King says she can't write but JK Rowling can. I'd agree with that statement.

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