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WTF Is Going on in Audrain County Missouri

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1 WTF Is Going on in Audrain County Missouri on Sun Dec 27, 2009 2:47 pm


Heheheheehehe. I like my title. I shouldn't laugh but fuck me, for living in such a small town rural scene, shit sure has been boppin' around here.

Last week I brought you the story of C.J. Harvey the dude who held his family hostage in their small town home a little over 5 miles down the road from me.

This week, WOW, I bring you a story which happened in the small town I live in. Martinsburg, Missouri. Well, I live on a farm outside the town, but holyshit this is close.

This is the story of two brothers, one I graduated high school with, the other a few years older than I. The two brothers were just arrested on December 24 for drugs, stolen property and a few more gems thrown in there.

The eldest brother, Mike Knipfel and his wife own the store in Martinsburg. These folks are highly respected within our community...if ya get my drift.

When I read the story my mouth dropped open and I swear to gods, it took a second to bring it back up off the floor. All this time....all these years I never knew either one of these dudes were into drugs or the so called "criminal life". My first thought after shock was....goddamnnit....right down the road was 30 lbs of marijuana. Baahahahahahaaha!!!!
My second thought was .....the cops were investigating this shit for awhile and goddamn if they didn't bust these folks on Christmas Eve. Yes, they have kids and personally it pisses me off the cops couldn't hold out until the day after Christmas. know they trashed their fucking house. Suspect

Okay here is the Missouri State Highway Patrol News Release.

"I may be going to hell in a bucket, babe But at least I'm enjoying the ride"~Grateful Dead

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