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Storm of the Century, by Stephen King

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1 Storm of the Century, by Stephen King on Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:14 pm


Getting the Hang of This Place for Sure
Getting the Hang of This Place for Sure
As always, King has story and story; behind that, he has story. So much story, in fact, that his gaffes are easy to overlook, being all part of the weight of disbelief that must be suspended in order to read any fiction, much less fiction with a supernatural component. And believe me, there is a significant supernatural component involved in this story.

I have often wondered if these gaffes are merely the product of a fevered imagination, with frequent continuity lapses as a product of them, or if they serve a more essential purpose in that they create a frission when read that adds to the air of a King novel; however, when seen, they become impossible to unsee. King himself has written of this effect in Danse Macabre, when he wrote of seeing the zipper in the back of a character's costume in the B horror flicks of his youth. The most obvious zipper in Storm is
when Cat Withers takes the tarp off of the toboggan in Part 2 Act 3 to cover Billy Soames's corpse and discloses the goods piled on it are splattered with Billy's blood even though Billy spread the tarp over the goods and started securing it at the end of Act 2, before Cat beat his head in with Linoge's wolf-headed cane at the beginning of Act 3.
Thud comes the disbelief. And suspending it again is a difficult act to carry out the second time in the story. Still, if you can manage it I think the story is worth the effort.


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